The holiday home you’ve been dreaming of...  

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Welcome to luxury and style beyond anything for two or one in Cumbria:

The Cow House,

Castlehowe Scar, between Crosby Ravensworth and

Shap; the Lakes and the Pennines.


You have been looking for this for a long time.. just you and a special person, or just you and oak beams, blond oak floors, views outside which simply take your breath away….and peace, tranquility, order.


Not that it’s always been like this: The Cow House used to do exactly that, house cows as they were milked after grazing on the sweet limestone grasses of this stunning bit of Westmorland. This was, we believe, from the early 16th Century as we have uncovered padstones when renovating –these are flat stones on which massive trunks of ancient trees sat to support the steep roof above in the 15th and 16th centuries.  The main farmhouse to which the Cow House belongs is over the yard and has a date stone of 1688 set above its old front door - the Glorious Revolution was celebrated here!

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The Cow House can be found at grid ref. 586155, OS map of The English Lakes North-eastern area (OL5).